Standing In The Storm

As life seems to be going so smoothly BOOM you’re standing with in a storm. And a raging one at that, you can’t seem to understand why but you just know there is a reason. As my life was becoming my own again, no longer having to work 2 jobs, having more time on my hands which should of been a blessing became more than I could handle. As I stated before time standing still meant I needed to face ME again and all the feelings I have been running from. With that became numbing myself again to avoid myself at all costs. How can this be? Everything I have been praying for a new job, more time for myself and family is suppose to be a blessing not a burden. I noticed more and more I was numbing the pain and the loneliness UNTIL my world came crashing in on me literally. The apartment I was at with all the rain we were having began to take in water, in March it was a little and my landlord was going to fix it. Come May with the storms rolling thru IL water started to pour in every where, even thru the light fixtures.  In a matter of days I had mold growing, my bedroom and all its furniture ruined and my living room ceiling was starting to bubble continuously popping water everywhere. I HAD to get out and in a short time. I was able to find a cute place by my new job and as I tell  you God works in mysterious ways HE TRULY DOES. My new place has a patio in which I go out and self reflect every day. Or with the trails I have now by me I walk or ride my bike to deal with my inner thoughts and find my inner peace of mind. Its hard to numb myself when I have so much beauty around to be thankful for. I am not saying by any means that I have faced ME completely but I do believe God heard my cries for help and relocated me to a place where my healing can begin again.  Standing in the horrible storm for over 30 days I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel BUT ITS THERE.

SO…I ask you, are you in the middle of a storm? If so hold on there is purpose you may not understand it now, but you will.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”



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At 42 years old I'm finally learning the purpose of life. Life changed for me this year in ways I could never have imagined, at my darkest days God showed me the light and brought me back to life. Sometimes you must lose it all in order to start again and this time with meaning. Being greatful for the blessings you have and for the blessing you can bestow on others. Realizing what is truly important in life is the impact you bring on others. I had always wanted to use my personal training to give women back power, power that I felt the first time I fell after a bad break up. I used training to rebuild myself but as explained in My Story is was never a complete rebuild. This year being ripped to my core I was able to rebuild myself not in the physical sense this time but the mental, emotional and spiritual foundations. See being fit is about completion of mind, body & spirit. I want to be able to help women see their true potential in life and each other.

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